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Disability Clinic

It is seen in our country as it is seen all over the World that disabled people have trouble in social and health issues. One of the most outstanding of these problems is oral hygene.
Disabled patients can`t conduct there own oral hygene therefore after a certain period of treatment new tooth decays and periodantal diseases can be seen. The rehabilitation of disabled people is a problem that needs to be adressed. Private health organisations and facultys are putting alot of effort into the oral hygene rehabilitation of disabled patients. At the moment in citizens of our country if they have a handicap of40% or above the can be referred to a private health clinic where most of there costs will be compensated by the government.
Only handicaped individuals can be dispatched from a university hospital or a government hospital. The permanence of the given care can only be solidified if the patient conducts there oral hygene. These patients oral hygene should be conducted miticulously by a parent or the caregiver.
If the patient is cooperative and is able to sit in the dentist chair during treatment the procedure can be administered with a local anesthetic. İf the procedure cannot be performed with local anesthesia due to the patient not being able to cooperate then general anesthesia will be necessary. While under general anesthesia teeth whom treatments are not possible will be extracted and periodontal problems alongside all the patients necessary fillings and root canals will be done.
In our clinic we have a special operating room for disabled patients alongside a specialist staff who have had training on the matter.